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Michael J Reardon, Artist

Fine Art Oil Paintings

Inspiration by the Beauty of Nature

My Inspiration

Wilderness Beauty, Ipswich Ma Marsh, Marsh Landscapes, original oil paintings of marshes, New England Landscapes

 I find that the Beauty and Serenity of Nature has always inspired me and is at the center of my interest. I particularly love taking long drives around scenic Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine to see and feel the peace and atmosphere of the open fields, the farm houses, stone walls, fences, mountains and animals that are associated with New England living. 

Marblehead Lighthouse, New England lighthouses, New England Sea scapes

 Living near the ocean all my life has also been a great inspiration to me. It's so tranquil to take drives along the Eastern coastline and watch the waves break over the rocks, walls and walkways and see all that the sea has to offer. 

Lake scenes, water views, water views with reflections, water reflections

 The enjoyment of all this, these surroundings and influences I believe are in my soul and come out in my oil paintings. Many customers share with me the peace and emotions that they receive from my paintings and I sincerely hope that you also get the same peace and happiness! 


Contact Me

Michael J Reardon

Michael J Reardon, Artist

 E-mail me at = or call at 1-781-526-0882 and leave a message, Thanks 

 Viewings are available in Lynn, Ma.